With no annual fee and no PSECU balance transfer fee, the savings stay with you! Plus, you can transfer balances to the Classic Card as many times as you’d like at our promotional rate and with no PSECU balance transfer fee (up to your available credit limit), so you can stay on top of your debt for years to come.

Calculate Your Savings

$250 $30,000
2.91% 30%

You could save an average of $170.91 per month1 when you transfer your balance to our Classic Card and enjoy our promotional rate.

Since we have no PSECU balance transfer fee or annual fee, the savings stay with you!

1This estimate is provided for informational purposes only. Your actual savings may vary.

Promotional Rates

Valid as of   EDT

Description APR2
Visa Classic Balance Transfer 2.90%3

2APR denotes Annual Percentage Rate.

3When you take advantage of the 2.90% APR promotional offer, Visa® balance transfers will accrue interest at 2.90% APR from the time that the transaction posts until the 2.90% APR promotional offer expires on 12/31/2024; thereafter, any remaining balance will begin to accrue interest at the APR for Balance Transfers, currently 9.90% (subject to change). Payments will be applied as stated in your Visa® Classic and Visa® Alumni Classic Consumer Credit Card Agreement. A minimum of $250 must be requested for balance transfers through digital banking. Our 2.9% APR promotional offer cannot be used to pay off any PSECU loan or be made payable to cash, yourself, any joint owner(s), or co-maker(s). Balance transfers access credit under the terms of your Visa® account as stated in the Visa® Classic and Visa® Alumni Classic Consumer Credit Card Agreement.

Current Rates

Valid as of   EDT

Description APR4
Visa Classic Purchase 9.90%
Visa Classic Cash Advance 9.90%
Visa Classic Balance Transfer 9.90%

4APR denotes Annual Percentage Rate.

Ready to Conquer Your Debt?

Choose the path for you and face down your debt-management fears today. Once you've been approved for our Classic Card, getting started is quick and easy in online or mobile banking. You can begin transferring balances even before you receive your physical card.

Not a cardholder yet? Choose No below, and you'll be walked through the appropriate application process for you, depending on whether or not you're already a PSECU member.

Do You Have Our Classic Card?


Once You Have Your Classic Card, Here's How it Works

  1. Log into online or mobile banking.
  2. Navigate to Cards in the Menu and select Manage Cards (in the mobile app, you’ll go directly to Manage Cards).
  3. Choose Visa® Balance Transfer next to or below your Classic Card.
    • You can also use your Founder’s Rewards card for a Visa balance transfer, however, the promotional and standard APRs will differ. Visit our website to view the current rates.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete a balance transfer online or request balance transfer checks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum amount you can transfer to your PSECU credit card is $250 through digital banking. There is no minimum when using a Visa® balance transfer check. The maximum you can transfer is the available credit limit on your credit card.

There is no limit to the number of balance transfers you can have on one card. However, there is a limit to the number of pending balance transfers you can have at one time. That limit is 10 pending balance transfers. Once a pending balance has cleared, you can exceed 10.

Yes. You're allowed to have multiple balance transfers from various promotions on your card, as long as there are no more than 10 pending balance transfers on your card at one time and you have the available credit on your card. For example, if you transferred two balances in 2022 and received a promotional rate good through December 2023, you could still take advantage of this 2023 offer, which would be good through December 2024. When you make a payment on your card, the oldest debt will be paid off first. You can visit your credit card agreement to confirm the order of payment.

Yes. In addition to paying off existing debt, you can use a Visa balance transfer to make a purchase or pay an individual. In digital banking, you can request to have Visa balance transfer checks sent to you (you can request three or six at a time). You can then write those checks as payable to a retailer or an individual. Additionally, you can log into digital banking and send a payment to a retailer or another person at any time by requesting a Visa balance transfer.

Please note that Visa balance transfer checks cannot be made payable to yourself, cash, a joint owner on your account, or used to pay a PSECU loan. If you do utilize a Visa balance transfer check in one of these ways, you’ll be charged the regular balance transfer APR on the transaction.

A balance transfer will appear as: “Visa® Balance Transfer was mailed to [Payee Name] in the amount of [Amount].”

There is no grace period on balance transfers. Finance charges begin to accrue on the date the balance transfer transaction is posted to your account.

No. Visa balance transfers cannot be used to pay off any other PSECU loan.

There is no PSECU balance transfer fee. This is the case for your first balance transfer and any transfers made at a later date.

Prefer to use the Founder's Rewards Card?

Visa balance transfers are available for our Founder’s Rewards Card. Your Founder’s Rewards Card can help conquer your debt.

Learn More