We’ve partnered with Plaid to bring you a better banking experience. Now you can link your external accounts (who also use Plaid) and transfer funds to pay your PSECU loans quickly, send funds to friends, add to your savings, and more!

No More Transfer Delays

Link your accounts in 3 easy steps.

  1. Log In. Once you have logged into digital banking and selected Transfers, select External Accounts, Add External Account and then use the Instant Verification option.
  2. Link Your Accounts, find your external financial institution and complete the necessary verification steps to confirm your information.
  3. Transfer. Begin making transfers within minutes once Plaid verifies your account.

Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

You can link your external accounts through PSECU’s mobile and online banking. Simply log into your account and select Transfers from the menu and select External Accounts, then Add External Account. From the Add External Account window, you can select Instant Verification (Using Plaid) and search for your external financial institution. You'll be prompted by Plaid to verify your external account information and your identity by receiving a security code or other form of multi-factor authentication. You can begin initiating transfers immediately.

If your external financial institution doesn’t appear in the list, the financial institution doesn’t have a relationship with Plaid. Instead, you can link your accounts by selecting the Manual Verification (Using PSECU) option to begin the small deposit verification process. Once you initiate the verification process, which can take 2-3 business days, you’ll receive one small deposits in your external account. Enter the amount that was deposited to your account at your other financial institution and follow the screen prompts. Once you add your external account and complete verification of the account, you will not need to do it again, unless you remove the external account and want to add it back.

If your credentials are not accepted, please verify that the information you are using is correct. If you are still unable to connect your account, you can still add an external account by completing the small deposit verification process.

Plaid is certified in internationally recognized standards. They utilize encryption safeguards, multi-factor authentication, independent security testing, and much more to ensure your information is safe. Additionally, Plaid doesn't sell or rent your data to outside companies. For more information on Plaid's safeguards, please visit

If your status shows "restricted" or "pending," you'll need to contact PSECU at 800.237.7328.

At this time, PSECU members are only able to use Plaid to verify their external accounts that also use the Plaid interface to establish transfers. We are looking into further enhancements with Plaid for the future.

We chose Plaid because they are a trusted partner for account validation.

If your account is already linked, you won't need to relink that account. Plaid will only be initiated when you have new external accounts to link to your PSECU account.

Some financial brands use a partner bank to provide their banking services. For example, Chime® uses Bancorp, Inc. and Stride bank to offer their banking services.

Any security questions asked by Plaid come directly from the financial institution you're attempting to connect to. Please contact your external financial institution if you're having difficulty with your security questions.

You may be able to connect your account to Plaid later. However, if Plaid notes "Connectivity not supported" for the selected financial institution, you will need to exit Plaid and use manual verification instead.

Several financial institutions have users authenticate directly with them instead of through Plaid. Typically, these institutions will also have you select which accounts you want to share with Plaid before you can complete your connection. You can expect this when connecting accounts from Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, and Wells Fargo.