PSECU 2023 Year In Review

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As Pennsylvania’s digital-first credit union, our members can access their best-in-class banking services anytime, anywhere. We are constantly innovating to ensure that our members have the high-quality, low-cost financial resources they need. In addition, we put the credit union philosophy of “people helping people” into action through community sponsorships, scholarships, and free financial wellness resources. We’re energized by our promise that with PSECU, Members Achieve More.

Our Vision

To be your trusted and preferred financial partner.

Our Mission

As a member-owned credit union, we provide lifelong value to our members, communities, and employees.

The Credit Union Difference & What It Means for You

Credit unions and banks have many similarities. But there’s one big difference. Banks make profits for their corporate shareholders, while credit unions are not-for-profit and serve their members. We’ve been making decisions that help our members achieve more for 90 years. Member-owned, not-for-profit banking is that simple. In the last year, we’ve been recognized as a Best-In-State Credit Union by Forbes, a Best Credit Union by GOBankingRates, a Best Bank by, and a Best Credit Union by Newsweek.

Hear From Our Members
"Very good rates and when I have a need to call I receive excellent service! Everyone I’ve ever talked to has been extremely helpful and professional."
Dianna K., 17 Years of Membership

Additional Testimonials

From 2023

"I’m very happy doing my banking and being able to pay my bills on Bill Payer with PSECU and currently receiving a nice interest rate on my accounts."

- Maryann E., 44 Years of Membership

"Customer service is number one. I have always been pleased by any interactions with staff. I have financed a number of vehicles through the years I have been a member and the rates are much better than traditional banks."

- Charles C., 36 Years of Membership

"PSECU always delivers in all categories of "banking"… or credit unioning."

- Bradley G., 12 Years of Membership

"I have continued to feel that I, as a customer, am seen as a top priority by PSECU, and that my funds are in the good hands of individuals making sound and realistic financial choices for me while creating positive additional investment opportunities for meto consider."

- Kenneth W., 47 Years of Membership